About Conveyancing Lab

Covenant, easement, PEXA, caveat, and section 32 are just a few of the jargon conveyancers use on a day-to-day basis to ensure that the sale and purchase of properties across Victoria are properly settled. Conveyancing Lab, located in Werribee, is such a company representing buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property across Victoria from contract to settlement. Some of their clients are first home buyers through to a good number of property developers.

How did it all start? Just a year before the pandemic hit, Rebecca Dabley decided to go solo and open Conveyancing Lab on Watton Street. Backing her decision was 18 years at a boutique Melbourne City law firm as a senior property clerk where she represented some of Victoria’s largest property developers and dealt with many complex property law matters. In a short span of time from a solely licensed conveyancer the team is now five and still growing. Kim, Andre, Josie, and Melanie, mostly local residents, make up the rest of this dynamic team.

Conveyancing Lab provides an open culture in the workplace where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions. “I truly enjoy being a mentor and sharing my knowledge and experience of property law” explains Rebecca. Such knowledge is key to ensure that clients receive the right advice and feel supported through the whole conveyancing process. Building rapport and taking time to properly understand their clients’ needs and intentions means that Conveyancing Lab can provide them with tailored advice and peace of mind. After all, buying and selling property is one of the biggest financial decisions people make in their lives.

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions that Conveyancing Lab had to face during its initial stages, the business was well geared to digital transform the process without impacting its clients. This was largely thanks to the complete and innovative online conveyancing experience for her clients from Contract to Settlement which Rebecca setup from the very start. This transformation made it easy to work from home while dealing with clients who may be interstate or overseas.

Rebecca, as a Wyndham resident for almost 20 years has seen the extensive growth in Wyndham which led her to have the confidence to start her local business. With the continuing expansion of the City, Rebecca saw it as a fantastic opportunity to locate her business. “The area is so diverse from farming to beachside living and commercial development it makes every day at the office different and exciting. And of course, we can find some of the best coffees around,” Rebecca added. On her next step, she is looking forward to taking her business to the next level of growth and innovation after the business was selected to be part of Wyndham City’s Innovate to Excelerate business growth program.