What is PEXA Key?

Buying and selling a home is an important time in your life, and a lot of stress can come with transferring or receiving large sums of money. PEXA Key is an app that can be used by sellers or buyers to keep track of their settlements. It is a secure alternative to email that offers high-level tracking of settlements and a secure way to access bank account details. This in turn removes the possible risks associated with email communications, and can safeguard against such things as email fraud.

Benefits for the Firm

There are many benefits of using PEXA Key for any firm, and some of these include:

  • Secure Communication – Instead of using email and the risks associated with it, PEXA key offers a secure alternative for communicating bank account details (such as vendor’s account, your trust account, PEXA source account)
  • Remove the Need to Rekey Data – There is no need to rekey bank account details as they are sent directly to the client’s PEXA Workspace.
  • Meet the Client’s Expectations – Stand out amongst the rest and please the client with elite levels of service and security.

Benefits for the Client

  • Secure Communication – Secure channel gives greater peace of mind that proceeds will be sent to the right accounts.
  • Settlement Countdown – Receive notifications of a countdown of their property settlement.
  • Reduce Settlement Anxiety – Keeps the client in the loop with settlement tracking and information on what to expect.