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What is PEXA?

PEXA is an online service that brings a digital settlement solution to Australia’s property market. Through PEXA, buyers and sellers benefit from a fast, safe and more efficient property settlement that allows them to track their property in near real-time. Until recently, the conveyancing process was mostly completed offline. This meant that paperwork and postage increased the risk of delays and even errors, which can lead to customers suffering financially. Digital property settlements help structure the conveyancing process for buying and selling a property.

Benefits for Property Sellers

The following are some benefits of using PEXA for selling your property:

  • Greater Certainty – Forget manual processing and save the risks of errors and delays. PEXA’s online document checks allow for greater certainty to achieve a successful, on-time settlement.
  • Get Your Money Fast and Securely – Sellers can use the PEXA Key app to keep track of their settlement and securely transfer their bank account details.
  • Easier for You – Settling has never been easier. Physically obtaining and signing a paper transfer document is no longer needed.

Benefits for Property Buyers

  • On-time Property Settlement – have greater certainty that your settlement will be completed on schedule.
  • Peace of Mind – Unlike the manual world, your documents will be lodged instantly giving you peace of mind.
  • No More Bank Cheques – Save time and money by eliminating bank cheques.