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Who is the SRO?

The state Revenue Office is a service agency that collects a range of taxes, duties and levies for Victoria. They also manage the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), unclaimed money and many other subsidies and exemptions. Striving to be recognised as one of Victoria’s best performing organisations, the SRO provides quality revenue management services.

Key Goals of the SRO

The SRO aims to provide customers with a service that is fair, efficient and one that delivers benefits to all Victorians. They have developed a strategic plan of five key goals to help them achieve this. They are as follows:

  • to always deliver fair and efficient revenue management services
  • to develop and encourage excellence in their people
  • to make it easier for their customers
  • to always improve what they do
  • to increase compliance

These five goals are supported by a strong business planning process, along with the SRO’s Customer Service Charter. This charter details the way they interact with their customers and stakeholders.

A Fair Service to all Victorians

The SRO ensures that everyone pays the correct amount of tax when it is due, and those who are receiving rebates or grants are entitled to them. They achieve this by applying Victorian taxation laws.