The team at Conveyancing Lab understand the financial details and processes surrounding a property, and the impact it may have on your life. Refinancing your residential or commercial property requires careful planning, attention to detail and ongoing communication with all parties involved. We’ll help you achieve your desired outcome using our trusted and professional service.

Why Refinance?

There are many reasons why people choose to refinance their property and these include:

Things to Consider Before Refinancing

An early step towards refinancing your property is to research the home loan products from multiple banks. This will allow you to review the available rates and products on offer from these banks, including annual mortgage fees, honeymoon periods and exit fees. Some people may wish to engage with a financial planner or a mortgage broker to assist with this process.

Before refinancing, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

Even during the refinancing process, the need for a conveyancer may be required for a property that is also being transferred at the same time. For e.g., Husband on the title, and adding wife.

Our Guidance for a Simplified Process

Conveyancing Lab is all about ensuring you have access to the best refinancing options for your property. We will guide you through the entire transaction where you will receive the best advice, the best loan and a completely stress-free service. Our team will liaise with your lender to prepare the documents, all while keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process.