Selling a Property

No matter the reason for selling your property, it can be a complicated process both financially and legally. We understand that this can also be an emotional experience for some, and we treat every client with the utmost respect to both them and their property. The process for selling your property will vary from different locations, so it’s important to engage with a highly experienced conveyancer.

  1. Preparing the Contract

    Upon providing us with your contract, we will review and prepare it on your behalf prior to execution. This is one of the most important aspects of the process, so our team expertly prepares your contract to avoid any legal complications. We then draft or proof any documents required, and assist your real estate agent in finalising the contract.

  2. Contract Execution and Documents Exchanged

    Our team will negotiate any contract changes with prospective buyers, and once you’ve accepted an offer, you can then sign the contract of sale. During this time, our friendly staff will be available to answer any questions you may have. You will be provided with the full details on all aspects of the sale, complete with a check-list of items you need to confirm. Upon confirmation of all the items in the sale of the property we will arrange settlement details with the buyer’s conveyancer. We will then advise you of the settlement time and location details once they are confirmed.

  3. Settlement

    Before settlement, we ensure that all parties are ready for the process and we proceed to audit the settlement figures. Finally, we attend the settlement on your behalf and we ensure that all title documents and disbursements are correct. We will also liaise with your financial institution if required, in order to discharge any loans or mortgages on the title of the property. The payment of the settlement is directed to the appropriate accounts and we will advise you and your agent once settlement has taken place.