Transferring a Property

Making sure that your property is legally transferred into a new owner’s name is an essential process. Our team can arrange the necessary forms as well as inform you about any taxes and fees, ensuring that the process is stress-free and successful.

Why Transfer a Title?

There are many reasons for transferring a property to another person, including family-related transfers. We understand that each circumstance is different and comes with its own process, and that is why it’s important to seek professional advice. Some reasons why people might want to transfer a property are as follows:

Transfer Process Simplified

Transferring a title is not a simple process and professional help should always be sought. There are many legal requirements and steps that need to be taken, and that’s where the expert team at Conveyancing Lab come in. The legal documents involved are usually foreign to most people, which may result in incorrect transfers, which may then lead to a long and costly process. We will help you with any title transfers by:

Do You Need to Pay Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is usually one of the largest upfront costs when purchasing a property and can heavily depend on your situation. That is why this is a very common question among clients when transferring a title.

Stamp Duty is usually required if you have received land as a gift. However, if the transfer is due to a relationship breakdown, this tax is usually not paid. You can find more information about Stamp Duty from the Victorian State Revenue Office website.